On Those Lost

My earliest memory of my father's best friend Chris isn't specific enough to piece together, probably because I knew him my entire life. I'm sure he was loudly saying something tasteless as hell, though. When he died after complications from a stroke earlier today, all I could think about was what sort of utterly…


Thank you, client, for not telling my boss you'd like to move back your event by three hours until I was already walking through the front door. On New Years Day. When I am here by myself. I so very much love sitting around dicking with my phone for 5 hours straight because there is literally no one else in this…

What's In a Name

So, I watched part of the first round of the NFL Draft today, and I discovered, to my undying glee, that there exists a family where parents Hugh Mingo and Barbara Mingo named their three sons (I swear to God) Hugh III, Hughtavious, and Barkevious. This is a thing that happened. HUGHTAVIOUS. I die.