Your Waiters Are Violently Sick While Serving You Food

Welcome back to Behind Closed Ovens, where we take a look at the best and strangest stories from inside the food industry. This week, we're bringing you a special Behind Closed Ovens about all the times food workers are forced to work while sick. As always, these are real comments from real readers. » 7/23/14 11:00am Wednesday 11:00am

Quite Possibly the Funniest Comment in Internet History

So there's a post on Gizmodo right now about how unbelievably shitty Comcast is when you try to cancel with them. It's the sort of thing that's entirely indefensible from a business practice standpoint — the CS rep literally argues with the guy trying to cancel his service for 8 full minutes (he had already been on… » 7/14/14 11:46pm 7/14/14 11:46pm