MD Pol Thinks State Should Revoke Protesters' Families' Food Stamps

With protests in Baltimore over the death of Freddie Gray (not to mention decades of police violence) still ongoing, you knew we were going to see some people showing their asses. Earlier this week, Maryland state Delegate Pat McDonough may have won the Most Unconscionably Horrible Quote From a Politician Award when… » 5/03/15 11:00am Yesterday 11:00am

This Story is Why Restaurants Need to Take Allergy Requests Seriously

It’s time to talk about why allergy requests are so damned important to honor as restaurant employees, and to illustrate just why that point is so crucial, we’re going to use a story from a Behind Closed Ovens submission to drive the point home. Consider this your early Cinco de Mayo* present. » 5/02/15 11:00am Saturday 11:00am

Misfires and Meltdowns of Terrible Restaurant Employees

Welcome back to Behind Closed Ovens, where we take a look at the best and strangest stories from inside the food industry. After two weeks of terrible customer stories, turnabout is fair play, and we’ve got stories of restaurant employees who just did not have their shit together. As always, these are real e-mails… » 4/20/15 11:00am 4/20/15 11:00am

Florida Bakery Receives Threats For Refusing to Make Anti-Gay Cake

After a bakery in Casselberry, Florida, refused to decorate a cake with the message "I Hate Gays," they started to receive hundreds of hateful, threatening calls. The house has stopped taking bets on whether some of the people issuing these threats also recently donated to Memories Pizza in Indiana. » 4/04/15 3:37pm 4/04/15 3:37pm