How to Apologize on GT

Welp, you've done it, haven't you? You posted some bullshit that's straight-up offensive, degrading and/or general asshattery toward a large segment of the GT community. Heck, maybe you've even made a real giant douchecanoe of yourself and re-argued some asinine fuckery in the comments when people rightly pointed out… »11/05/14 1:08am11/05/14 1:08am

Examining the Word Choice of Print Media in the Wake of Ferguson

Something interesting has been happening in the Midwest this week, and depending on which newspaper you pick up with your morning coffee you might think it involves beleaguered law enforcement heroically facing aimlessly angry mobs intent on destroying everything in their path, or you might think a town… »8/14/14 3:51pm8/14/14 3:51pm